About Jericho:

An ancient city near the Dead Sea. When the ancient Israelites entered the Promised Land, the mighty walls of this city blocked their way. This was not an easy barrier to cross, so they called to the Lord and the walls came tumbling down. This city is a symbol of what can be achieved by faith, courage and determination.

House Charity:

KATILOSA stands for Kilbur Aleizadus Timor Loro Sa’e. It means Timor-Leste Disabled People Association. KATILOSA works to improve the lives of children and youth with disabilities by catering for their needs, advocating for their human rights and educating those around them. For a number of years, Jericho House has supported the KATOLISA program and in turn the funds raised goes towards providing support for community-based rehabilitation and inclusive education for children and young adults with a disability in the Baucau Sub-district of Timor-Leste. Here the students of Jericho House are able to gain an insight to others who are less fortunate around them and give generously.