Bullying Prevention

Marist-Sion College recognises its duty to students to provide a safe and positive learning environment where individual differences and diversity within the college is respected and accepted.

The prevention of and responses to incidents of bullying, inappropriate use of technology and disrespectful behaviour are more readily achieved in a caring and supportive school culture that promotes positive relationships and reflects Gospel values. Bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, aggression and violence disregard core values of our faith, including dignity, respect, justice, equity, compassion, trust and courage. Importantly, such actions can adversely affect the wellbeing of our students and are therefore unacceptable.

It is our policy that:

  • Bullying is not tolerated at Marist-Sion College.
  • Bullying be managed through a ‘whole of college community’ approach involving students, staff and parents/guardians;
  • Bullying prevention strategies be implemented within the college on a continuous basis with a focus on teaching age appropriate skills and strategies to empower staff, students and parents/guardians to recognise bullying and respond appropriately;
  • Bullying response strategies be tailored to the circumstances of each incident;
  • Staff establish positive role models emphasising our no-bullying culture; and
  • Bullying prevention and intervention strategies are reviewed on an annual basis against best practice.