Marist-Sion College students travel to and from School via a range of services.


Pick-Up and Drop-Off

In the interest of student safety, all student drop-offs and pick-ups before and after school must occur via the Marist-Sion carpark. The carpark entrance is located on Lilley’s Road.

  • Students may be dropped off between 8:45am and 9:00am
  • Students may be collected from 3.20pm
  • Please pull all the way forward to the front of the line to keep traffic flowing. This allows us to get as many cars off Lilley’s Road as possible
  • Please exit to the passenger side of the car if possible. Please say your goodbyes, give last minute reminders, hugs etc. prior to drop off
  • Please drive slowly and adhere to the speed limits

Thank you for your cooperation and support in these matters of student safety.

Note: Buses collect students from the bus loop located at the Burke Street entrance of the College.

Private Bus 

Marist-Sion College offers four private buses servicing the Thorpdale/Trafalgar, Neerim South, Bunyip and Maryknoll areas. Please note that these are paid services that operate independently of the Government and PTV bus services.

For full route details, please email the Bus Coordinator at

The 2024 annual bus service registration fee of $660 per student allows for travel on one of the College private bus services. The annual bus service registration fee is reviewed annually.

To register your interest for one of the College private bus services, please complete and return Form 1: Application for Permission to Travel – School Students and indicate which private bus you wish to apply for.


Government Buses

Many students are able to utilise a free Government bus service to travel to and from the College. Please note that priority for all Government buses is given to Government school students. All Government seats allocated to Marist-Sion College students are subject to availability and are reviewed each term.

For further information on Government bus routes, please visit

To register your interest for the Drouin or Warragul Government Bus Networks, please complete and return Form 1: Application for Permission to Travel – School Students and indicate which Government bus you wish to apply for.



Town Buses

Students who reside in the CBD areas of Warragul may choose to utilise one of four town bus services. These are a casual service, paid for daily through the use of a Myki card or PTV School Student ID.

For further information on town bus routes, please visit


V/Line Services 

Warragul Train Station is located a short distance from the College. Town bus #36 (Warragul East) transfers students from the station to the College.

For further information and detailed timetables for individual routes, please contact Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 or visit

Students travelling on V/Line Services will require a PTV School Student ID card or Myki card.


Conveyance Allowance

The Conveyance Allowance is a subsidiary Government payment to assist families &/or the College in transporting students to and from school each day.

A Marist-Sion College student may be eligible for the Conveyance Allowance if they:

  • attend their nearest appropriate Catholic school/campus appropriate to their year level, at which admission is permissible, and
  • reside 4.8km or more by the shortest practicable route from the campus attended.


There are 3 types of Conveyance Allowance applications which may be submitted on behalf of a Marist-Sion College student.


Private Bus

Private Bus applications are applicable where a student travels on a College private bus and meets the above eligibility criteria.

Form 2: Conveyance Allowance application – Private Bus travel only


Private Car

Private Car applications are applicable where a student is driven more than 4.8km to school. A “furthermost” rate may be claimed for one student and an “additional student” rate may be claimed for subsequent students.

Form 1: Conveyance Allowance application – Private Car travel only


Multi-Mode Transport

Multi-mode Travel applications are applicable where a student travels to and from School through two or more methods of transport – for example, by car and free school bus. Each leg of the journey must be at least 4.8km.

Form 5: Conveyance Allowance application – multi-mode travel


Note: Eligibility is assessed when the School lodges your child’s application on the Student Conveyance Allowance System (SCAS) portal. If approved, some or all of the Conveyance Allowance payable to the student/s named on the application form may be withheld by the School as a contribution towards privately procured transport services to and from School only.


For any transport-related queries, please contact the Bus Coordinator by email at or by phone on (03) 5623 5944.