Youth Ministry

Game Changers is a comprehensive Catholic youth ministry program for students in Marist Schools from Years 7-12. It is an extra-curricular program which combines quality personal development with Christian faith formation experiences in a group setting. It is highlighted by a strong sense of family spirit and community, with students participating in regular meetings, faith formation experiences and service opportunities.

Typically, a Game Changers youth group will meet once a fortnight at school with their Mentor, who guides the group and gradually hands over to the students to lead and facilitate. Meetings provide great opportunities for the development of student leadership skills. They involve small group activities, inputs from the Mentor, and student presentations, and students are also encouraged to plan several social events during the year, as a way of staying connected as a group.

In complementing the school’s Religious Education program, Game Changers provides students with greater experiential and personal leadership opportunities. Students become part of a community of like-minded young people who are keen to make a positive change in their own lives and in the lives of others. All students who participate in Game Changers grow exponentially in confidence and leadership and all are encouraged to take part in this amazing program. Marist-Sion College currently offer the program at Year 10, 11 and 12, and it is proposed that it will be offered to all levels over the coming years.







Community Service at Marist-Sion College

Inspired by tradition

Marist-Sion College is inspired by the traditions of the Marist Brother and the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion. We aim to promote an active faith which is guided by the Gospel message. We also aim to build a community within which we are all nurtured, valued and respected in our mission to create a more just and sustainable world. To celebrate the recent Marist theme, ‘Call to Holiness’, we are continuing our ongoing commitment to ministry and service opportunities for our senior students, hopeful that they will continue their volunteer work beyond their years at Marist-Sion College, as many have done before them. In the study of Religious Education, senior students analyse the important role played by religious groups in our local community. The contribution of St Vincent de Paul Society, Marist Brothers and the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion are discussed in class, highlighting their active charity work in both the Melbourne and Gippsland regions. Each year, many senior students and staff will be encouraged to experience voluntary work, gaining an appreciation for its importance in our community and ultimately putting our faith into action.


St Vincent de Paul Society | Fitzroy Soup Van Street Retreats (SVSR)

Our College is proud to be recognised as the first Victorian school involved with the Vinnies Fitzroy Soup Van, commencing in 1993. The Fitzroy Soup Van operates seven nights a week and brings practical assistance, friendship and genuine concern to people in need within our community. This inner-city experience allows our students to witness the issue of homelessness in Melbourne and to develop empathy by walking in another’s shoes to appreciate the hardship that is often hidden in our local country town. Our students bring care packages of bathroom essentials, socks, gloves and beanies to distribute to the people we serve after they have collected their soup and food items. This often leads to heart-warming conversations, an opportunity to see the world through another’s eyes, and hopefully a greater appreciation for the things we often take for granted in our own lives.

Marist Youth Ministry | Heidelberg West Bread Run (HWBR)

The Bread Team is a group consisting of Marist-Sion College students, Young Marists (post-school) and Exodus volunteers. Bread Run has been running in West Heidelberg for over 15 years. Each week the team collects donated bread from a local bakery and distributes it to families and individuals, including those housebound, sick or elderly. This suburban experience allows our students to roll up their sleeves and engage in volunteer work with Br Harry Prout, Br Doug Walsh and Br Barry Lamb from the West Heidelberg Marist community. This is an important opportunity for our students to learn firsthand about the Marist Charism and the inspiring efforts of Marist Brothers, Lay Marists and post-school Marists working in solidarity to serve the local community.


Australian Red Cross | Traralgon Lifeblood

You can be certain that when you give blood, you are making a difference to someone’s life. Blood is vital to life and, for many people, blood donors are their lifeline. Currently, 1 in 30 Australians give blood, but 1 in 3 Australians will need blood in their lifetime. Giving blood is a relatively simple and very rewarding experience. Most people can give blood and, as a College, we are facilitating the possibility for our Year 12 students who are 18 years old on the day of their donation to commence an ongoing commitment to community service by donating blood in Year 12 and for many years to come.