Marist-Sion College prides itself on its commitment to Wellbeing, and on the emphasis given to it in relation to College structures.

In order to be an effective, Christian, learning community we must ensure that students and their wellbeing are foremost in our practice. We educate, above all, through being present to young people in ways that show we care for them, personally. We share the inspiration of the Marist order that “to bring up children properly, we must love them and love them equally”. In doing so we aim to provide a community respectful of all.

  1. Wellbeing is primarily undertaken through the College House System. We have eight houses, each with around 110 students and co-ordinated by a Head of House, assisted by six Tutors.
  2. Tutor groups – our students are supported by their Tutors who have a detailed knowledge of the progress and particular needs of the students in their care. Tutors develop close relationships with their group and liaise with their families as the need arises. Tutor groups are vertical and allow for a continuation of quality relationships with students and families, ideally across 6 years.
  3. Heads of House work with Tutors in ensuring that students are adjusting well in all aspects of College life. Particular attention is paid to how they transition from a smaller primary school to what is a larger educational environment.
  4. The Learning Support Area provides for and cares for students with special needs and includes both extension and mixed ability courses. Specialists in areas such as speech pathology, literacy intervention and integration are accessed as needed.
  5. The College Psychologist, College Counsellor and College Chaplain work closely as a team to provide specialist guidance, spiritual direction and advice to students, on a referral or self-referral basis.
  6. Programs such as Seasons for Growth and REAL offer specialised assistance to students who are experiencing difficulties that require the support of a trained leader and likeminded peers.
  7. The Careers Office is invaluable in terms of career advice, course and program selection, guidance, work placement and post-schooling options that are available.

The Wellbeing System comes under the direct oversight of the Deputy Principal: Wellbeing Partnerships and Safety.

As such, there is a consistency of approach in the way ‘we love them equally’. Discussions always revolve around rights and responsibilities, and issues are primarily dealt with using a restorative justice model.