College Uniform

At Marist-Sion, we expect all our students to wear the College uniform appropriately, both in and out of school. Since all students reap the benefits of the College’s reputation, each student is required to act in a manner which protects our good name. The standards expected by a school are on display whenever the uniform is worn, and if worn correctly, it clearly says to all: ‘This is the school I belong to and I am proud of where I belong’.

Key Points

  1. Wearing the uniform in public: Whenever Marist-Sion College students are to be seen in public – even during late night shopping with parents, they must wear the entire uniform properly or else change completely into alternative clothes.  Wearing part of the uniform with other clothes is not acceptable.
  2. Students unable to wear correct uniform: Where a discrepancy in uniform needs to occur for a short period of time (eg due to shoes being repaired), a note dated, signed and written by a parent/guardian, must be presented at Tutor Group in the morning so that the Tutor can date and sign it. Students must then keep the note with them until they are again in full uniform.
  3. School-bags: Only approved College bags are permitted. (Green College bag with Logo).
  4. Socks: All socks must cover the ankle. Boys must wear College grey, not white or black socks. Sports socks are only to be worn with the sports uniform.
  5. Boys Summer Shirts: The monogrammed summer shirt is compulsory for all boys. During Term 1 and Term 4, boys are to wear (monogrammed) short-sleeved white shirts without ties. The white shirt need not be tucked in provided it sits at waist length; otherwise it must be tucked in at all times.
  6. Boys and Girls Winter Shirts: These must always be tucked in. Ties are to be correctly adjusted, ie they are not to be below the collar.
  7. Blazers: It is compulsory for students to wear their blazer both to and from school regardless of what their mode of transport is. It is the only outer garment that may be worn in Term 2 and 3. In Terms 1 and 4 students may choose to come and go in their summer uniform, minus the blazer. If it is raining, students may wear their College rain jacket. However, blazers must still be brought to school on these days.   When wearing Winter uniform, blazers must also be worn to Tutor Group each day, and it is compulsory that they be worn as the outer garment on all formal College occasions, including Masses and Assemblies, unless the weather is too hot.
  8. Jumpers: The jumper is never to be worn to and from school as the outer garment.
  9. College Rain Jacket: The College Rain Jacket is only to be worn as the outer garment, at school and to and from school, when it is raining, and it must be removed when indoors. It is not to be worn at any other time.
  10. College Sports Jacket: The College Sports Jacket is only to worn with the College Sports Uniform. It is not a rain jacket and cannot / should not be worn over the College blazer.
  11. Trousers and Shorts: are to be worn with a plain, black belt.
  12. T-shirts under the Uniform: Only plain white T-shirts may be worn under school shirts. Coloured T-shirts or those with bold graphic decoration are not permitted.
  13. School Shoes: are to be of a substantial nature and must be of a style approved by the College.These must have plain black leather uppers which can be polished and must have a heel. Boys’ shoes must be lace-up and girls’ shoes must be either lace-up (Strongly recommended) or have buckles. They are to be kept clean! When shoes wear out they must be replaced immediately by another pair approved by the College, even if this occurs late in Term 4.  Sneakers, boots and other alternatives are not acceptable footwear.
  14. Hats: The College sunhat is compulsory for all students. The hat policy is operational from November to May.  The hat must be worn during morning and afternoon Breaks, all PE classes, excursions and outdoor activities at this time of the year.
  15. Sports Uniform: The correct sports uniform is required for all House and inter-school sporting activities and PE classes. Sports Shoes – must be suitable, lace-up sports shoes.
  16. Make-up, Jewellery and Grooming: The College reserves the right to set the norms of acceptability in regard to general appearance and grooming.
  • All students need to be neatly groomed whenever they are wearing their uniform.
  • Long hair needs to be kept away from the face – all types of hair accessories must be subtle and must be plain black.
  • Students’ hair should have no extremes of colour or style – dreadlocks and extremely short
  • styles (No.1clipper level) are not permitted.
  • Students are not permitted to wear excessive make-up.
  • Students may wear only one flat ring, one plain bracelet, a small Christian symbol on a chain and a single small plain sleeper (no larger than a 5¢ piece) or plain stud (no colour of any
  • sort) for each pierced ear.
  • The only facial jewellery that is permitted is a pin head sized stud in the nose.
  • Young men must be clean shaven.


  1. For not wearing correct uniform at school: Students who wear their uniform inappropriately, (eg wearing incorrect shoes or winter shirt is not tucked in for class, assemblies and formal school occasions), will be given an immediate lunchtime detention. Persistent refusal to wear the College uniform in the correct manner will be brought to the notice of parents, who may be asked to collect students to return home until they have complied with the uniform policy.
  2. For not wearing correct uniform in the public domain: A student who wears their uniform incorrectly beyond the school boundary will be given an after school detention on the first occasion. This reflects the importance of students’ representation of the College in public.
  3. For wearing inappropriate jewellery: Inappropriate and excess jewellery will be confiscated and passed to the student’s Head of House.
  • On the first occasion, it will be returned after one week.
  • On the second occasion, it will be returned at the end of the term.