College House System

Marist-Sion enjoys a fine reputation for our commitment to the wellbeing of our students. Each child is seen as a unique gift of God and as such we have established a House and Tutor System that ensures each student has one staff member to act as their Tutor for successive years at the College. There are eight Houses operating at the College and students meet in their Tutor Groups on a daily basis. House-based activities include Inter-House Sports, Masses, House Assemblies and a range of co-curricular activities. Parents meet with Tutors each Semester at Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews.

Each House consists of 6 Tutor Groups (represented above by a coloured square). Each House is overseen by the respective ‘Head of House’. Students are placed in to one of those 6 Tutor Groups within their allocated House, each Tutor Group is in the care of a ‘Tutor’. Each Tutor Group is made up of approximately 5 students from each year level.  Students will stay in the same House and Tutor Group throughout their schooling at Marist-Sion College. Tutor Groups meet every morning for 10 minutes.  This is an opportunity for students to check in with their Tutor, their peers and other members of their Tutor Group, read their emails from teachers, check the Student Bulletin for important notices and reflect in Prayer before the day commences. Tutor Group is a compulsory part of our school day.  This is where the attendance roll is taken for the first time during the day.