Subject Teacher Position Description

Position description | Subject Teacher

In conjunction with the Principal and all other members of staff, teachers are responsible for the implementation of all College programs and policies. Teachers are accountable to the Curriculum Leaders, while working under the guidance of their Learning Leader(s).

All staff members are involved in the House system of student pastoral care and all teachers may be required to be Tutors. The teams of teachers in Learning Areas work together to provide for the educational and wellbeing needs of students and to continuously improve teaching and learning.


With regard to their respective teaching level (expert, accomplished, graduate) teachers are responsible for:

  • Actively supporting the Catholic ethos of the College.
  • Planning, promoting, documenting, delivering and reviewing of educational programs which provide for the range of student abilities and promote personal excellence.
  • Working collaboratively in Subject Teams to develop an engaging and challenging curriculum with clear learning outcomes, provision for differentiated learning, shared curriculum documentation and consistent assessment strategies.
  • Regularly attending and participating in meetings of their Subject Teams, normally at least twice per term.
  • Liaising with the Learning Leader of the Learning Area as required.
  • Regularly attending and participating in meetings of their Learning Area Teams, normally once per term.
  • Adapting the learning programs for funded students according to the Individual Learning Plans, prepared through the Learning Support team, in consultation with the Learning Support Coordinator.
  • Enhancing student learning through the integration Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into educational programs.
  • Monitoring student academic performance and reporting student progress in an ongoing manner through the College Learning Management System and formally through student subject reports.
  • Promoting student management and welfare in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct and the Pastoral Care policies, including enforcement of school rules related to conduct and uniform.
  • Communicating in a timely and effective manner with House staff and parents regarding matters of student pastoral care and learning.
  • Placing the physical and psychological safety of the students as a high priority through fulfilling the responsibilities in the Child Safety Code of Conduct and College policies related to the safety and wellbeing of students, including the reporting of child safety concerns and suspected abuse.
  • Communicating with families at Parent/Student/Teacher Interview evenings and initiating such contact in cases where issues need to be addressed.
  • Keeping informed by reading SharePoint notices, the Daily Bulletin, all school emails and other school correspondence on at least a daily basis, and responding appropriately.
  • Participating in Staff Seminars and Professional Learning activities to further enhance the quality of programs offered.
  • Engaging in mutual professional formation and providing collegial support, particularly if at Leader or highly accomplished level.
  • Participating in co-curricular activities and overnight stays as required by various College events.
  • Attending whole school Masses, relevant House Masses, Liturgies and Assemblies, Inter-House carnivals and other College events (for part time teachers, whenever these run during scheduled on-campus time).
  • Undertaking yard duty, extras and other responsibilities, as required.
  • Contributing actively to the care of the College resources and classrooms.
  • Contributing to the Occupational Health and Safety of all staff and students.
  • Maintaining professional registration and professional learning records.

Updated: August 2020