Retreats and Reflection Days

Junior Reflection Days

All Year 8 students attend a compulsory one day retreat, facilitated by College staff and assisted by student ministry leaders.

This Retreat is an opportunity for students to consider ideas about our uniqueness as individuals, and to discuss ways in which we can work together to form a community of shared values and understanding.

Year 10 Retreat Day

All Year 10 students participate in a one day retreat experience facilitated by the Youth Mission Team, a Catholic Melbourne. The main objectives of the Retreat are for students to recognise that they each have a profound dignity and worth, based on the fact that they are created in God’s image and are loved by God unconditionally.

Year 11 Residential Retreat

The single sex compulsory retreats at Year 11 supplement the work done in RE classes as a further opportunity for education in faith. In a relaxed, informal way, students are provided with an opportunity to reflect on their life’s journey, to share with others the important aspects of life, and build self-understanding. Students will be given time to reflect personally on their faith, to celebrate through liturgy and prayer and to have fun together in a spirit of community.

Year 12 Residential Retreat: ‘Building a Life’

Year 12 students attend a 3 day residential retreat each year which is a vital part of our College’s learning program. The retreat provides an opportunity, in a relaxed atmosphere away from the busy schedule of classes, for students to consider the person they want to be and provides students with a chance to focus on their goals as they move towards their lives beyond school.