Retreats and Reflection Days

Year 7 Reflection Day

Students explore what it means to be part of the Catholic and broader Marist-Sion Warragul community. They learn about the Marist Brothers and the Sisters of Our Lady of Sion and their respective charisms and values. There is a focus on the character strength of “teamwork” and exploration of school wide expectations of being safe, respectful and responsible.


Year 8 Reflection Day

Lead by the Passionist Retreat Team, students explore the theme of “love your neighbour” and take part in team building activities. The College theme of “Created and Called: a revolution of love and tenderness” is reflected in the Retreat. Students will further develop their understanding of the character strength of ‘teamwork”.


Year 9 Reflection Day

The Reflection Day will be facilitated by Real Talk team in the lead up to the Year 9 Unit on Christian Life and Catholic Social Teaching. The focus will be on “Getting real on the topics of sex, relationships and personal identity.”


Year 10 Reflection Day

The reflection day is split over two days. The focus is on justice and service based on the Catholic Social Teaching principle of solidarity. Students will have the opportunity to explore how justice is understood within the context of our Catholic school and ways that our community can respond to local as well as global needs. Students will be able to choose from a series of workshops.


Year 11 Overnight Retreat

Lead by the Passionist Retreat Team the overnight retreat focuses on who the students are in the world and their impact on each other. The goal is to lead students to an increased awareness of themselves and their true nature, and to a greater intimacy with their peers and their God.


Year 12 Reflection Days

Two Reflection Days will be held at various times throughout the year with a focus on ‘Gratitude’ and a reflection on their mission role, going into the world.