eLearning facilitates greater creativity as ideas, resources, knowledge, understanding and skills can be shared in a dynamic and interactive way between teachers and students. eLearning offers flexibility, convenience, mobility and time efficiency.

Marist-Sion College has a strong commitment to prepare students for learning in the 21st Century and to live and work in a digital world. The College has embraced a 1:1 laptop program where the technology provides our students meaningful learning experiences in more effective and contemporary ways through the integration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the classroom.

The College is well resourced providing remarkable student access to ICT. Teachers embed Information Technology into learning opportunities to ensure learning is more effective and engaging. Students and teachers use a range of software such as SIMON, Microsoft Teams, OneNote and Google Suite to share resources, collaborate and communicate with each other, submit assessment tasks, and offer and receive feedback. SIMON, the College’s online learning management system, provides students with access to learning resources and student grades, while PAM, the Parent Access Module, allows parents to view tasks and assessment results, view and accept permission notes and advise of student absences.

With a strong focus on developing responsible digital citizens, junior students participate in a Digital Literacy program that assists with the development of fundamental skills with software applications and the responsible and safe use of the Internet.

Marist-Sion College is committed to ensuring that staff have the necessary skills to integrate all aspects of technology into the classroom through collaborative professional development.