Legacy Gift to the College

A special thank you to the Class of 2021 for their legacy gift to the College. This mural was a vision created by our Visual Arts Captain (2021), Tess Darby. With the assistance of fellow Visual Arts Captain Alexandria Radcliffe, Mrs Cameron (former Visual Arts Leader) and local artist Nicole Smith the piece came together. The artwork highlights our commitment to live out our College Expectations to be respectful to ourselves, to others and to our environment and connects with the first word of our College Motto, Truth. Below is a description from Tess explaining the meaning behind the composition and a reflection from Nicole Smith as the artist.

This legacy gift is a powerful message for all our Staff and Students to enjoy for many years to come.

“The mural was created to promote mental and emotional wellness during Covid and remote learning. We wanted to communicate a secondary message connecting our College beliefs, Motto – Truth, Charity and Constancy and message – to be safe, be respectful and be responsible. The mural features native birds that symbolise ‘taking flight’ in reference to our 2021 Year 12 cohort finishing our Secondary School journey. The gum tree featured represents all students’ growth through these trying times, challenging their resilience in their studies. This mural is the first of its kind at Marist-Sion and we are grateful for the opportunity to leave this bright and meaningful legacy behind for future students and staff.”

Tess Darby | 2021 Visual Arts Captains

“I have loved creating this piece for the school; it’s been a real honour in terms of taking the vision that Tess had and bringing it to life. I’m really proud of what we achieved and I hope to see it inspire creativity and happiness in our next generation of students who pass through the College.”

Nicole Smith Art | Artist

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