Performing Arts

The Performing Arts are committed to providing a program that develops informed and creative uses of a range of theatre and performance skills, stemming from the areas of creating and making, exploring and responding, understanding the social and cultural contexts and fostering enjoyment in the use of these skills.

In our program, we aim for students to:
  • Develop a positive self-image
  • Create and appreciate performances
  • Develop organisational and collaborative skills
  • Enhance public performance skills and manipulate elements of technology and stage craft
  • Enjoy personal satisfaction through aspiring to excellence in artistic achievement

Year 7

Students study Music and engage in playing musical instruments in a band format, with an emphasis on Instruments of an Orchestra. They create their own songs using music technology, and traditional instruments.

Year 8

Music and Drama are studied. In Drama, they are introduced to the elements of drama, and in Music, they study the history of Rock Music.

Years 9 and 10

Elective studies are offered in both Dance, Drama and Music.

In Dance, students study choreography, performance and dance analysis.

In Drama, students study playmaking, stagecraft, performance and theatre history, and Music studies focus on music performance, instrumental skills, and the use of technology in Music. Students in Year 10 can choose a topic to investigate in a performing arts area.

Years 11 and 12

VCE Theatre Studies and VCE Drama are offered on a yearly rotation.

Drama studies focus on the creation and performance of characters, narratives and stories, and in Theatre Studies, students interpret play scripts and produce theatre for audiences.

Music Performance is offered at Years 11 and 12 and in Year 12, students study Music Investigation.

Extra–Curricula activities in the Performing Arts

Students at Marist-Sion can enjoy a wide variety of extra Performing arts ensembles on top of the classes if they wish. These include: A College Production, Choirs, Bands and private instrument lessons or the Youth Theatre group.