Youkoso to Languages at Marist-Sion College

Here, students have the opportunity to study an addition al language in order to develop effective and creative uses of a wide range of communication strategies. Students are also able to broaden their horizons by introducing themselves to different cultures and enhancing their understanding of our multilingual and multicultural world.

The Learning Area of Languages aims to provide programs that equip students with the following skills:

  • To communicate effectively in speech and writing in the target language.
  • To develop the verbal and nonverbal communication skills necessary for the effective understanding and production of language.
  • To be aware of the cultures, history and geography of a country other than their own.
  • To appreciate and respect the views of others and the ways of life, culture and thought in communities where the language is used.
  • To develop self-awareness and a sense of personal and cultural identity.
  • To increase awareness of the multilingual and multicultural nature of Australia and other societies.

Japanese Language Learning:

Year 7 and 8 students have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the study of Japanese as a core subject. In Years 9 and 10, languages then become year-long electives and this interest in language learning can then be continued through to VCE studies. Japanese Language teaching is supported through an innovative use of ICT including use of Google Classroom, teacher blogs, Quizlet, Kahoot and various YouTube Chanels. The academic course is supported by a number of cultural experiences, such as tasting different foods, visiting a restaurant or embassy, participating in competitions, enjoying a Japanese drumming performance and learning skills from a Manga artist.

In Japanese lessons, as well the additional opportunities offered, we aim to ignite a love of different cultures and passion for language learning. See where your future in languages can take you!