Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution to Marist Education

A few weeks ago, Kelly Mills was recognised for her Outstanding Contribution to Marist Education. It was a brilliant night celebrating the impact of ten Marist educators across the region.
Kelly is a dedicated Marist educator who goes above and beyond to ensure our students have the best opportunities to achieve their potential. Kelly demonstrates a commitment to Marist education through various teaching and leadership positions. In addition, Kelly builds collective efficacy through the teams that she works with to ensure our students feel known and loved.
We know Kelly as an innovative educator who regularly engages in professional learning to enhance her teaching practice. Kelly consistently supports learners through differentiation and is an excellent exemplar of Marist presence in our community. In the way of Mary, Kelly’s answer is always yes.
Kelly’s supportive and responsive attitude towards the staff in her teams enables all teachers to feel that that they are part of a community of professionals focused on quality instruction.
Congratulations Kelly!
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