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The College provides a quality education in the Catholic tradition and helps our students lead lives of Truth, Charity and Constancy. Our community promotes the safety, wellbeing and inclusion of all children.
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A Proud Practice of Quality Education

We will foster faith, understanding and compassion, and challenge students to base their lives on truth, charity and constancy.

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What are the school term dates?
Term 1: January 29 - April 1
Term 2: April 19 - June 25
Term 3: July 13 - September 17
Term 4: October 4 - December 3
What are the tuition fees?
Tuition Fees for the year are charged annually, as advised on the Tuition Fee Schedule and are payable in full by 31 December each year. Direct Debit is the preferred method of payment. Visit our Enrolment section for more information.
Can I organise a school tour?
Tours are currently being conducted outside of school hours and are limited to one family per tour, for 2021 prospective families only. Contact our Enrolments Coordinator, Ms Cassie Kennedy, for more information.