The REAL Program

The Re-Engagement through Applied Learning (R.E.A.L.) Program is a select-entry program which aims to re-connect a small group of Year 9 students to their learning environment.

The Program uses peer mentoring and project-based, hands on experiential learning for students at risk of, or who are disengaged from, their schooling. The peer-mentors are senior VCAL students who work very closely with the Year 9 students.

Program Focus

  1. Increase students’ behavioural, emotional and cognitive engagement
  2. Develop connectedness between students, parents, the school and the community
  3. Increase trust placed in students
  4. Provide practical projects for students with immediate, tangible benefits
  5. Address poor achievement
  6. Address the students’ obstacles for staying at or engaging in school

Student Objectives

  1. Improved self-confidence
  2. Improved responsibility
  3. Improved attitude to schooling and education
  4. Understanding of their pathway

The students who participate in the Program are selected via a nomination and interview process. The interviews are conducted by the College Psychologist to determine their suitability for participation. Formal evaluation is also conducted, at the commencement of the Program and again at the conclusion.

The Program is staffed by the VCAL Co-ordinator and the College Psychologist as required.