Course Information Evening

24 July 2019 | General Interest

Course Information Evening is being held on Wednesday 24 July. This is a compulsory event for all students currently in Years 8-11. 

All students currently in Years 8, 9, 10 and 11 and their parents are requested to attend the Course Information Evening for some time during the evening as this is an important event in the College calendar. Classes will run as normal on Wednesday 24 July. This is not a student free day. 

A series of focused information sessions will be offered during the Course Information Evening, which provides parents and students with access to specific information relevant to the year level of their son/daughter. Learning Area Teachers and Course Advisors will be available to offer advice and assistance.

The Program for the Course Information Evening can be downloaded below and has also been published in Emmaus for your initial reference to assist in planning your time on this evening at the College on Wednesday July 24 between 4.00 – 7.30pm.

A package including the Students Online Subject Selection username and password for the student’s 2020 Year level will be available for collection upon registration on the night at the College Hall.

The Course Information Evening is the opportunity to source all information required for the best choice of program and subjects for each student in 2020 so attendance for some time during the event is essential and compulsory.

I look forward to your attendance at the Course Information Evening.


Click here to download: Course Information Evening Program