Parenting Strategies for Teenage Success - Parent Seminar

16 March 2017 | General Interest

Attention Parents of Students in Year 10 (Accelerated), 11 and 12

On Thursday, March 16, Darren Pereira will be conducting three hour workshops with our Year 11 and 12 students.

The Year 11 and 12 sessions called ‘Study Skills for Success’ offer insightful, practical steps that can be used to achieve personal success.

Over the last seven years, students have found these sessions to be both motivating and extremely practical in terms of how they assist them to identify goals, maintain the passion for study and set themselves up for success, not only for the final VCE and VCAL years, but for the future.

On Thursday evening, Darren will present a session for Parents, ‘Parenting Strategies for Teenage Success’ that will focus on elements of what was presented to students, but more specifically the role parents can play in assisting their son/daughter to achieve success. This session is for parents only and we strongly encourage Year 11 and 12 parents, in particular, to attend. The invitation is however, also open to parents of Year 10 students, but particularly those who have been accelerated into VCE studies.

The session will be held in the Marian Theatre, commencing at 7:00pm and concluding at approximately 8:30pm.

Parents/Guardians intending to attend are ask to register by contacting the College. This will assist us in ensuring both the venue and the resources to be provided, can be matched to the numbers attending.