Important Uniform Reminder for 2017

13 December 2016 | General Interest

As we prepare to conclude the 2016 year, it is timely to remind everybody of the importance of a clean, well-fitting and complete College uniform. As such, I ask all parents to look closely at the condition of current uniform items. It does nobody any favours if the uniform is shoddy. In particular, I ask that close attention be paid to the summer dress and the shoes. If the dress is threadbare and becoming see through, it needs to be replaced. If it is too short, it needs to be lengthened and if that is not possible, it needs to be replaced. In terms of the shoes, I remind everybody that what is required is black school shoes – not runners that expensive sports stores are suggesting are school shoes. Shoes must have laces in the case of the boys and also, preferably, for the girls. T-bars are acceptable but nowhere near as practical. Given the nature of Australian summers and the increased rate of skin cancers ALL STUDENTS are reminded that a hat is an essential part of the College uniform in Terms 1 and 4. This is to be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

The uniform shop is open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday all this term. It will also be open for some extended trading over the break. These times will be advised in a subsequent Emmaus. As always, I would remind parents that piercings and body art are not allowed and that hairstyles need to be appropriate. Dreadlocks, for example, are not considered appropriate as are unnatural hair colour and whatever the latest ‘out there’ style is. Zero and number one clippers are not allowed.

May the extended break be an opportunity for not only us, but also for the College uniform to be refreshed.

John Picinali | Deputy Principal: Pastoral Care