Visual Arts

Visual Arts is committed to providing a program to develop skills which enable expression and communication through experience, response and interpretation of visual forms.


Visual Arts aims to provide programs which encourage students:

  • to develop the intellectual and expressive potential of the student through aural, spatial, kinaesthetic, interpersonal and visual experiences

  • to explore how different social and cultural groups engage in and convey meaning through their art

  • to develop skills and techniques through exploration and development of ideas using a broad range of materials and media

  • to gain confidence in art criticism and aesthetics through describing, analysing, interpreting and evaluating their own and other art works

The opportunity to study the Visual Arts is available from Years 7 to 12.


Years 7 and 8

Students complete compulsory studies in the Visual Arts


Year 9 

Students may select one or more electives from:

  • Exploring Visual Arts

  • Visual Art and Creativity

  • Visual Communication and Design


Year 10

Students may select one or more electives from:

  • Encountering Visual Arts

  • Contemporary Visual Arts

  • Visual Communication Design


Years 11 and 12

Students may select one or more VCE elective studies from:

  • Art

  • Studio Arts

  • Visual Communication and Design