Learning Support and Additional Needs

'A different type of equality…not equal treatment, not even equal outcomes, but equal opportunity to learn and flourish in school.’

Carnine, D. (1990) New research on the brain: Implications for instruction


Our College is committed to ensuring that each student has the support they need to experience success with their learning. 

With that aim, the College has a Learning Support Team of teachers and Learning Support Officers (LSOs). This team works closely with classroom teachers to help develop individualised learning for students with a disability or significant learning difficulty.

Learning support is based on an inclusive model of education where support for students with additional learning needs is typically provided within the regular class. We endeavour to be sensitive to issues of self-esteem. The Learning Support team works collaboratively with teachers, parents and outside professionals to establish learning strategies that support each student to help them reach their potential.

Depending on student need, support may be:

  • In class support

  • Provision of modified or adjusted learning tasks

  • Provision of additional resources e.g. assistive technology

  • Special consideration for examinations

  • Individual targeted skill teaching

  • Short term programs e.g. Social skills for students with Asperger’s Syndrome

  • The Learning Support Co-ordinator conducts diagnostic testing to identify additional learning and support needs, and arranges Specialist assessments (psychological, language, occupational therapy) as required.

All students in our school are able to access assistance for school work and assignments through our weekly Homework Club which operates on Thursdays between 3:30-4:30pm.


Students with Disabilities

Students who meet the eligibility criteria (Intellectual disability, Severe Language Disorder, Physical Disability, Vision or Hearing Impairment, Social Emotional Disorder/Autism Spectrum Disorder, Chronic Health Impairment) have an Personalised Learning Plan (PLP) devised by their Program Support Group. PSG members include the student, parent/guardian and representatives from the school (including a combination of Learning Support Teachers, Learning Support Officers, Psychologist, Counsellor, Careers Advisor, Tutors and Heads of House). This group meets regularly during the year to monitor the student’s PLP goals and growth. Transition from primary to secondary school, and from secondary school to post-secondary options is incorporated into the program.

Enrolment process for Students with Disabilities

Schools are required to submit applications for SWD (Students with Disabilites) funding for all eligible students by the end of September. Therefore it is essential that parents make contact with the school early - (during Term Two) – so that we can form a Program Support Group and formulate an application.