Success and Challenge for All

If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, you are not doing the fish justice because your criteria for success is flawed. It is a challenge for all educators to ensure that each and every student, without exception, has the ability to not only experience success, but to be mentally, physically, spiritually and academically challenged.


Most schools run programs for students who experience particular difficulties with their learning. All schools have teaching programs that cater for the middle band of students and a few schools have specialised programs for students they consider gifted and talented.

In order to ensure success and challenge for all, teachers differentiate lessons in four ways:

  • Modifying the product that students create

  • Modifying the process by which students are taught

  • Modifying the content that is taught

  • Modifying the environment students are taught in


What this looks like and sounds like in the learning environment for students is: Because not all students learn the same way on the same day, we support our teachers at Marist-Sion College to differentiate. We do this with the help of our learning support staff, the identification of students who are highly able and/or gifted and talented and through ongoing professional learning.

  • Clear learning intentions

  • Success criteria are evident and understood

  • Open ended questions

  • Group work where appropriate

  • Visible thinking and learning

Success and Challenge for all is not just a catch cry – it is a central component of the College’s Strategic Plan.