Instructional Pause for Years 7-10 Students

It has been a long haul with remote learning over recent weeks. Thanks for your efforts.

There will be an Instructional Pause next Friday 4 September. There will be no scheduled instruction for Years 7-10 on this day. The aim is to give Year 7-10 students and staff a chance to catch up with work, to take a break from their screens, to reflect or to do some work away from the computer.

Teachers will be available to respond to student and parent queries via email during the day.

It is a school day, so there will be a wellbeing task and the roll will be taken during Tutor Group as usual in the morning. Students will have responsibility for managing their time and completing work.

Teachers of Year 11 and 12 classes may still provide instruction or assessment, according to their judgement of the needs of the class.

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